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You know you’re Old School if…

Old School

Not even going to bother writing my own intro for this one, and instead will just quote Jen Hollywood's post on my Facebook wall:

"With all this talk of Old School and Swing Pit... I think someone needs to make a 'You know you're Old School if...' list a la Jive Junction."

That said I'll get things started with a bunch of my own. Admittedly this is a bit Southern California focused, so feel free to add yours in the comments below.

You know you're Old School if...
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…you’ve ever registered for a dance event by mail.

…you’ve ever relied on flyers to know what was going on.

…you only learned Balboa cause that’s the only thing there was room for.

…you learned to dance via VHS tape.

…you remember when being an asshole was the worse of a band leader’s offenses.

…you will never see this list because you will never do anything swing dance related ever again.

…your first dance friend network was Friendster.

...you’ve ever got into a fight on the dance floor.

…you know who the “illustrated couple” was.

...you’ve played baseball on Catalina Island.

…you’ve ever bought a poorly produced, over priced dance event video… bonus points for it being on VHS.

…you’ve ever DJed with CDs, or still do.

…you remember when Minneapolis was a dancing hot spot.

...you remember when Sailor Mike looked exactly like he still does today.

…you went to dance events that were border line disasters but went back year after year cause there was no other options.

…you’ve ever described your dancing as “Savoy Style.”

…you’ve ever described your dancing as “Hollywood Style.”

…you’ve ever described your dancing as “Smooth Style.”

…you remember when Swing Pit actually was in a pit.

…you’re in Swingers.

…you remember Starlight Roof.

…you’ve seen Opie naked.

…you still can’t stand Posin’.

…you’ve ever been sued by another dancer.

…you own a piece of the original Memories’ floor.

…you ever stole a paddle.

…you ever made a pilgrimage to Ithaca.

…you’ve ever mixed Hip Hop with your “Lindy Hop.”

…you’ve ever been to a Camp Hollywood that was actually in Hollywood.

…you’ve ever danced to a band that was actually any good at Disneyland.

…you’ve since converted to a Westie.

…you remember when any number of dancers still had hair.

…you can’t go to a dance anymore without copious amounts of booze handy.

…you’re now friends with old enemies.

…you hopped the millennium.

…you remember when people still posted on Yehoodi.

… you know what KVM stands for.

…Lindy Hop was ever a good enough reason to go to Laughlin.

…you’ve ever been randomly given something odd from Minn.

…you’ve ever considered the free spin a legitimate dance step.

…you’ve ever consumed an entire bottle of MadDog 20/20.

…you’ve ever considered Neo-Swing to be good.

…you’ve ever bought vintage clothes out of the back of a minivan.

…you’ve danced to a live swing band in an actual club.

…you remember when Boogie Woogie was the hot “new” music style.

…nobody had kids.

…you Google Image “Old School” and dancing pictures come up.

…no one knows you when you actually go out dancing.

…you’ve danced at Golden Sails with anyone no longer with us.

…you once didn’t own any socks without stripes.

…you’ve had stuff embroidered on the back of your vintage jackets.

…you were at Dean Mora’s last show at The Derby… all of them.

…you remember when Balboa dancers weren’t so uptight.

…you’ve danced while smoking indoors was still legal.

…you’ve ever needed to use a scanner to get your old dance pictures online.

…you’ve danced to live music seven nights a week, and it wasn’t in New Orleans.

…you’ve been to a dance at the Pasadena Masonic Temple that wasn’t LindyGroove.

…you remember San Diego being a viable place to go dancing.

…you own a grey hooded Showdown sweatshirt.

…you danced in UFOs, or made fun of people who did.

…you ever wished you could have pant legs as wide as your foot.

…you remember when Jo’s sister still danced.

…there was a time you didn’t realize Lindy Hop was a thing outside your city.

…you ever did anything illegal in Memories’ parking lot.

…you’ve ever asked Jerry to dig up an old video for you… because you’re in it.

…you remember Nina not being legal… year after year after year…

…you’ve ever advised someone not to date me.

…you’ve ever been advised not to date me.

…you dated me anyway.

…you married me any way.

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  1. If you ever wore a snood or buckskin shoes
    If you ever had a picture on Lindy Bills T-shirt
    If you know what ” pass the mint” means

    • Ha! My first response to Roob was “What, no pass-the-mint reference?”

      Or how about:

      If you have any stories that start with “So, I was at Monsters…”
      If you ever ran to the floor when a Nina Simone song came on… and then a while later ran off the floor under the same circumstance.

  2. You know you’re newer-than-Old-School but older-than-New-School if…

    …you roll your eyes when people discover and rave about the ULHS 2006 “Liberation” Finals (Fast) video

    …you had several sleepless nights eagerly watching dance videos on Youtube but can still remember not being able to find any new ones

    …you heard hints about ‘Savoy’ and ‘Hollywood’ and wondered what all the fuss was about

    …you can’t decide what to think about Electro Swing

    …you’re simultaneously surprised at both how large and how small the global swing dance community is

    …Herräng has always been the monolithic thing it currently is

    …there’s totally more where those came from…

  3. You forgot
    - You could identify the regular dancers by their shoes, Bleyers were the common “black-and-whites”, and Aris Allens did not yet exist.
    Or, how about
    - You went to any of the PBDA swing camps such as Harvest Moon or Swing Camp Catalina.
    - You remember a time before there were Lindy Exchanges, the ILHC, etc.

    • Or,
      - You remember the Gap Ad and actually saw it back when it first aired.
      - The DJ’ed music frequently contained songs by Louis Armstrong, Louis Prima, and Louis Jordan (the “Three Louis”)

  4. Well played. And this is coming from a San Diegan ha.

  5. Man, those were the days. Brings back a lit of fond memories!

  6. …You’ve woken up on a Sunday morning in a Memories booth.

    …you know the phrase “show me something” means you’re about to be shown up by an old man :)

  7. Wait – dancers don’t differentiate between Hollywood and Savoy anymore? This is bull*. My girlfriends and I went to Catalina last weekend after being out of the thick of the swing scene for 10+ years and although it was fun – It’s just the same. And yes, the San Diego swing scene is pretty much dead :(

  8. That was supposed to say *not the same

  9. -you posted on Delphi

    those archives (if they exist) are probably best left burried or burned, but it was fun at the time! God, we got so worked up over such stupid stuff.. I can’t imagine reading that stuff from the perspective of a newer dancer.

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