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Give back

We've been gigging for almost a year and we've played more since February than we did in the entire previous time. I feel like we've improved significantly even since the above gig at Caltech in February. (Obviously playing with unbelievably stellar musicians like Mike Earls, Corey Gemme, and Larry Wright helps!)

At a gig a few days ago we played to a nearly empty bar for the first set. Our first song was a new entry in the songbook and we hadn't played with the bass and horns before. The song wound up feeling tentative, but as the set went on we got comfortable with each other. Even though the bar was still mostly empty, we forged on and tried to inject as much into the songs as we could. It was, to be honest, still fun but a little dispiriting.

But during the second set more people came in and there were actual cheers and applause during and after songs. Even though it was only five or six people they were very vocal with their appreciation. That amped our energy on stage considerably and we finished very strongly.

I try not to toot my own horn but at one event (I think it was a San Diego New Year's dance with the Jonathan Stout Orchestra) a jam formed. But the jam circle did not open up to include the band. Eventually nobody wanted to jump into the circle and I faced the band and started hooting and stamping for them. They played several more choruses as the entire audience rushed the stage and began hollering. The amazement and pleasure on their faces was awesome to behold.

How many times have you been at a dance and the band seems "meh" to you, or you aren't paying attention to them? Next time that happens, try giving them something. They might give back, and together you'll make something special happen.

Always appreciate the musicians, no matter what. (Unless they're a crappy dancer turned crappy drummer.) Those of you who know me know that I've had that opinion long before I was in a band, too.

By the way, we're playing at Sassfras April 3rd for a dedicated-to-dancing night! Corey, Mike, Chloe Feoranzo, and Jonah Levine will be joining me, Conrad, and Holly to swing your socks off. Free, but we'd love it if you supported the bar with a food or drink order. If you were around for the Gap commercial, you probably remember how dancing in restaurants and bars died out shortly thereafter, and you know why.

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