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So what's Jive Junction?

That's what you might be asking if you're relatively new to the Lindy Hop scene, but if you've been around a while you already know what Jive Junction is... or have at least heard the stories.

The history of Jive Junction dates back to 1998, just as the Internet was really starting to explode. It was put together based on the thought that Southern California Lindy Hop dancers needed a little place on the web to find out where to go dancing, because the only other way to find out was getting a homemade flyer about a random dance. So I took to the web, and found tripod offering up free sites and some simple tools to put them together. And so was born “The Lindy Hoppers Homepage!” named such because everything back then was a "homepage" and you always needed an exclamation point to be awesome.  A small piece of that page still exists here... though now it simply redirects to the Jive Junction url.

The Original, In All It's Glory

The feature that got the page noticed was this little thing called a “guestbook.” It allowed other people all over the Internets to drop in and post a message. Yeah, exactly, the granddaddy of forums. As you can imagine all manner of intellectual conversations went down, many of them touching on such topics as some guy named Greg and something called the “PBDA.” My memory is fuzzy on what those were. The original guestbook is still up here.

We soon outgrew the confines that little guestbook though, and upon discovering Delphi forums I setup some new digs. This still being 1998 they were still pretty simple, but of course we didn’t know any better. These are still explorable as well here. Best way to dig in this old forum is to just click "Start Reading” then open up the archive folders. A couple of old gems from this time period were the "You Might Be Memories Junkie If..." and the "The First Church of Lindy Hop" pages compiled from forum member's posts.

I don’t recall when exactly the Jive Junction name came about, but it was during the “Delphi years.” It was based on the title of a bad movie from 1943, but hey, there was dancing it in. The deeper meaning of the name however was that “Jive” was talking, and of course “Junction” is a place where things came together. Hence, Jive Junction was a place to come together and talk. Okay, so maybe it really isn't all that deep, but it was certainly a name that stuck.

Also during that time was when the site as most people remember it was put together by the Hawaiian team of Brent Keene and Chris Banal. This is the site that now lives in archive form here, and to which I'm adding other material that was off and on the site throughout the years. Shortly there after they built the phpBB based forum that was used during the peek of Jive Junction's popularity. We're still working to unlock that beast, and I'll update this page when (if) that ever happens.

The Jive Junction Archive

The old Jive Junction represents a lot of memories for me, both good and bad... though mostly good. It was the place where people could say anything they wanted, mostly about Lindy Hop and swing music, but you had to be prepared to back up your words. It was the place where people thought they were anonymous, but were quickly outed. It was also the place you could post nonsense and banter with some, usually, like minded people. It was the place you went to rant about being banned from Yehoodi. It was like Facebook before everyone freaked out about their security settings. I could go on, but I'm hoping some of you reading this will add your own thoughts on what it was below.

Today Jive Junction is now simply home to DJ (among other things) Reuben Brown, and my thoughts on items I happen to have an interest in. Most of these items may end up revolving around the Lindy Hop scene, and considering I'm a part of that scene a whole two times a year now I'm still just as qualified as anyone else to yabber about it. However I also jump into any number of other topics from funny Facebook fails, stupid people, video games, how to make your baby sleep, to BBQing. Don't expect any long essays from me though; I like to keep it short, sweet... and salty.

Have a favorite memory or story about Jive Junction throughout its years? Feel free to leave a comment below. It just may be worked into this page in future revisions.

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  1. I remember X3!

    Too early for inside jokes? ;-)

  2. Reading that memories junkie bit was like a power flashback.

  3. Most of what I remember of Jive Junction, from about 1999 on, was mostly that it definitely wasn’t Yehoodi. I could say whatever I wanted, without a filter. Kind of like the real world, it wasn’t censored.
    Also, Boobs…

  4. Wasn’t there another hosted service before? Like a newsgroup? Or am I imagining things?

  5. No newsgroup that I recall… maybe you’re thinking of SwingDJs that was on Yahoo Groups for quite a while.

  6. I noticed the Delphi stuff is still (sorta) there. I’m amazed.

  7. Actually the Delphi stuff is all there… it’s just a total nightmare to navigate to most of the stuff. I dug forever just to find the Mike & Reuben Are Cool thread.

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