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Archive Restoration: You Might Be A…

Posted by Reuben Brown

After digging up some older files and working some old school HTML magic I'm happy to report that I've been able to restore a number of the old "You Might Be A..." pages. If you're really old school you probably remember these from the original Delphi forum. These were compiled for the site before it was even called Jive Junction, and had never made it over to the Jive Junction site, with the exception of the "Memories Junkie" one. I also found a couple lists about why we suck(ed) and things to do on Catalina. Aside from formatting I've left the lists as they were, even the entires that looking back are really rather dumb. I hope this brings back some fun memories for some, and perhaps a peek into the early days of the Southern California Lindy Hop revival for those who weren't there. A direct link to the updated page is right here.


Add to Jive Junction’s History!

Posted by Reuben Brown

Ever wonder what's the story behind Jive Junction?
Already know all about it but want to reminisce?

Well now you can. The "History" page of Jive Junction has now been updated with an overview of where the site came from, how it changed, what it was, and what it is now. But it's not really done... because I'd still love to hear from you if you've got some stories to tell about the good 'ol Jive Junction days.

So pop on over by clicking here, give it a read, and feel free to post away.


Welcome to the new Jive Junction

Posted by Reuben Brown

Welcome to the new Jive Junction, home to Reuben Brown's thoughts on items I happen to have an interest in, or things that just plan piss me off ala Adam Carolla's "The Week In Rage." I'd guess most of these items may end up revolving around the Lindy Hop scene, and considering I'm apart of that scene whole two times a year I'm still just as qualified as anyone else to yabber about it. However I may jump into any number of other topics from funny Facebook fails, stupid people, video games, how to make your baby sleep, to, I dunno, BBQing. Don't expect any long essays from me though, I like to keep it short, sweet... and salty.

Oh course there is the old Jive Junction to talk about as well, a Southern California based site about Lindy Hop dating back to early 1998. I'll be putting together a little history page on that beast, but in the mean time checkout the archive which is a representation of what the site was like in it's heyday, in the days before Facebook, in the long long time ago. It's not from any one time, but rather a compilation of the various material that was off and on the site throughout the years. Unfortunately we're still working to get the older forum up and readable, but I didn't want that to hold anything up.

So there you have it. If you at all find me interesting I hope you stop by often and even join in on a discussion or two. If you don't, you probably didn't even read this far, so Merry Christmas.