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The Evolution of Working as a Swing DJ

Posted by Reuben Brown

Memories DJ Booth

My initial brainstorming of things to write about for a new Jive Junction included a piece on how DJing has changed since I got into the craft. It sat dormant until yesterday when Julius’ piece on changes to the scene as a whole inspired me to finish it. I’ve got a couple years on him, dancing wise, but I probably starting DJing right around the time he started to really get into the dance, 1998. Let’s take a quick trip back and remember what it was like to be a DJ back then…

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LindyBloggers DJing Interview

Posted by Reuben Brown

Just a quick note for those that might be interested: A post from a couple weeks back on Bug's Question of the Day brought back to mind a little interview I did with the folks at LindyBloggers.com. Check it out here if you're at all interested in some of my thoughts on DJing for the Lindy Hop scene. Also, will toss in a plug for SwingDJs.com.