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Editorial Comments Aplenty: “The Grump” Opines

Posted by Mr. Music Hall

Django Reinhardt

1. Thoughts on Jazz Quotes:

“Jazz attracted me because in it I found a formal perfection and instrumental precision that I admire in classical music, but which popular music doesn't have.” – Django Reinhardt

“The Grump” believes that no written music is perfect, and all can be improved upon or embellished by the talented improvisationalist. The trick is not to destroy the original with excursions into the entirely personal, self-serving avant garde. If you don’t like the damned tune that much, then, for crying out loud, don’t play it, and go ahead and write your own damned tune.

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ILHC 2011 Photos & Videos

Posted by Reuben Brown

Nina & Andy @ ILHC

Just had a chance to go through all my pictures from ILHC 2011, held this past weekend, and pulled out what I thought were the best ones. I mostly shot from the back of the room, so I felt like being more "behind the scenes" in nature... getting shots of dancers getting ready to go on, judges reactions to things, the crowd, folks at the sound table, etc.

I was mostly using a telephoto lens that's not nearly fast enough to catch action in such low light, so I ended up with a lot on the cutting room floor, yet I still think I got some good stuff. I also used a nice fast prime lens for a few shots, but I was never really close enough to make much use of it.

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2011 Dance Event Recommendations

Posted by Reuben Brown

Showdown Second Line

Sure this is a bit late in the year to be coming out with a list of events I'd personally recommend, but I'm doing it anyway. Of course that means it's pointless to recommend a couple events that already happened, but I'll go ahead and mention the DC Lindy Exchange and Camp Jitterbug, which happened in April and May respectively, anyway. I wasn't able to attend either this year, but we'll see what next year has in store. So, what other events would I make a special effort to attend?

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