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Facebook Fail: Know Your Birthdays

Posted by Reuben Brown


Here's one I would have loved to have posted about back when it was happening, because a lot of people failed on this one. Thankfully someone recently reminded me of it and had a screenshot of a good example. This also reminded me of another example and sure enough that post was still there in their history. Before I continue though, let me Google something for you: click me

So, what did we learn? Frankie Manning's birthday is May 26th. He passed away on April 27th. I've never really understood why so many people are keen on acknowledging deathaversaries in the first place, but that seemed to be a popular thing to do this past April 27th. However, the fail comes in when half the people doing so are mistakenly "celebrating" his birthday instead.

Side note, as funny as the fail is, there is quite the worthy cause mentioned in one of the screenshots, The Lindy Hoppers Fund. If you have the means, I highly recommend dropping them some funds.

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Facebook Fail: Know Your Bands

Posted by Reuben Brown


So here is the first of what I hope will be a series on Jive Junction, funny dance scene related Facebook fails. This one comes courtesy of Seattle, when someone mistakes one band for another, and mind you the two bands in question really have their own distinct styles. Kudos to Glenn Chrysler for being patient with dear "E" who still didn't get it after two tries.

On a more serious note, and to pile on the praise of two awesome Jazz entities, check out the Careless Lovers' video "Black Coffee" here, and view Glenn Crytzer's endeavors here. Looks like he's about to go on a pretty epic tour this Fall so be sure to check out a show near you.

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