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Book Review: “Rhythm-a-ning: Jazz Traditions and Innovation” -Gary Giddins

Posted by Mr. Music Hall

Rhythm-a-ning Cover Art

The Loon, a.k.a. Allen Hall, has put this review in both “Fruit o’ the Loon” and “News and Views from the Hall LindyJazzMobile” because it is about jazz, and thus allows the Loon to air, to a wider audience, some huzzahs as well as some grievances and prejudices building to a dangerous head of pressure. So, if you get both periodicals, don’t puzzle over a bewildering feeling of déjà Loon.

The book is a compilation of 66 pieces found in various publications, and all are about jazz. Giddins is a premier student of music and an admired critic of jazz, even though Giddins oft annoys the Loon. Giddins lives and works in NYC, which affords benefit and absurdity. The benefit is that NYC is at the pointy end of the world jazz spear and many of the best jazz musicians reside in NYC or stray through, and, perchance, gather some valuable Giddins ink. The absurdity is that the pointy end of the jazz spear can be so damned avant garde it might not even be Jazz.  The Loon will freely point out the absurdities, but, otherwise, he will try to be fair. To wit

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Archive Restoration: You Might Be A…

Posted by Reuben Brown

After digging up some older files and working some old school HTML magic I'm happy to report that I've been able to restore a number of the old "You Might Be A..." pages. If you're really old school you probably remember these from the original Delphi forum. These were compiled for the site before it was even called Jive Junction, and had never made it over to the Jive Junction site, with the exception of the "Memories Junkie" one. I also found a couple lists about why we suck(ed) and things to do on Catalina. Aside from formatting I've left the lists as they were, even the entires that looking back are really rather dumb. I hope this brings back some fun memories for some, and perhaps a peek into the early days of the Southern California Lindy Hop revival for those who weren't there. A direct link to the updated page is right here.


Unintentionally Insensitive Routines

Posted by Reuben Brown

A video from a recent dance competition came up for discussion that brought to mind one of Daniel Tosh's bits on his Tosh.0 show, "Is It Racist?" He takes an otherwise innocent situation and pokes fun at the potentially racist connotations that could be applied. A quick example is when a little white kid gets a word closely resembling the "N" word during a spelling bee. Ever stop to think that the nature and history of the dance we do puts us on a fine line between respect and insult?

The video being discussed had me wondering if the people who put together and performed the routine "get it." I'm actually going to assume best intentions, and in turn assume they don't. It's also why I'm not going to bother directly linking the specific performance, because it really doesn't help anything if they were simply clueless about how their routine could easily be viewed as downright racist. Instead, I'm just going to label it an "unintentionally insensitive" routine. I've seen them before, usually from Europeans (and yes, I've heard all the arguments about why they are less "sensitive" about this sort of thing, but if you look at their history they should be just as concerned about it as us Americans) but this one struck a particular nerve.

Of course bring this up means walking another line, the line between being respectful of history and being the pretentious white hipster type who goes around calling other white folk on their perceived insensitivities to other races and cultures. So I'll keep my point to this: you should probably stop and think a little more about what you choose to do as a performance piece, know your history, and think about how others (especially someone who lived the history) may view it. You only get the “unintentionally insensitive” pass so many times.


Add to Jive Junction’s History!

Posted by Reuben Brown

Ever wonder what's the story behind Jive Junction?
Already know all about it but want to reminisce?

Well now you can. The "History" page of Jive Junction has now been updated with an overview of where the site came from, how it changed, what it was, and what it is now. But it's not really done... because I'd still love to hear from you if you've got some stories to tell about the good 'ol Jive Junction days.

So pop on over by clicking here, give it a read, and feel free to post away.