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Book Review: “This Is Your Brain On Music” -Daniel Levitin

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(Warning: Don’t read this. It’s too long.)

This is the most important book about music I have ever read, because it explains, based on scientific studies, why musicality is a characteristic of all human societies, and why that should be so. The book even suggests that music (oral song and rhythm, etc.) were the proto-sounds which paved the way for the human behavior of using the spoken word i.e. language. Further, a consensus of world scientists agreed that the most important human invention was oral language. So, it might appear that our ancient humanoid ancestors sang and drummed their way into speaking, after which came structured language, religion, rationality, jingoism, politics, war, poetry, science-fiction, Sunday morning political food-fight TV programs, and railroad box-car tagging (not necessarily in that order).

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“Jump” Music

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New York, N.Y., (William P. Gottlieb)

The name:

The name “jump” may derive from the pronounced rhythmic bounce which characterizes the music. “Jump”  is most often known as “Jump Blues,” but that’s a misnomer, as Jump bands play compositions that are both blues (12 bar) and American popular music form (32 bar), and some are predominantly Jump Swing bands.

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