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ILHC 2011 Photos & Videos

Posted by Reuben Brown

Nina & Andy @ ILHC

Just had a chance to go through all my pictures from ILHC 2011, held this past weekend, and pulled out what I thought were the best ones. I mostly shot from the back of the room, so I felt like being more "behind the scenes" in nature... getting shots of dancers getting ready to go on, judges reactions to things, the crowd, folks at the sound table, etc.

I was mostly using a telephoto lens that's not nearly fast enough to catch action in such low light, so I ended up with a lot on the cutting room floor, yet I still think I got some good stuff. I also used a nice fast prime lens for a few shots, but I was never really close enough to make much use of it.

Click "Continue reading" below for links to the photo album as well as to some videos of a few musical interludes of various types I caught.