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A ULHS 2011 Preview: The Venues

Posted by Reuben Brown

Showdown Second Line

From it's very beginning, Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown was designed to be a different kind of event. Pure and simple. Birthed of Amy Johnson's mind, with the input of close friends, it has been that since year one, 2002. It has also consistently evolved, and I can't think of any other event that has changed so much over the years. This year's event marks the 10th anniversary, and having been at every last one I could write about any number of things related to my ULHS experiences, at least, the one's I remember. Instead I thought I'd focus on just one item in particular: venues.

Lots of dance events base themselves at a hotel. Everyone stays at that hotel, and all the goings on are in that hotel's ballroom. It's like going to an industry conference, but instead it's fun because you're partying and dancing in a singular space. It works, I dig it. Then there are events that scatter themselves a bit around a city, giving you an actual taste of the area, imparting some variety to your dance weekend. It's fun because it gets you out of the hotel, and you feel more like you're on vacation instead of at an industry conference. It works, I dig it.

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