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The Worth of a Good Swing DJ

Posted by Reuben Brown

Old School DJ

A couple back to back questions about DJs on Bug's Question of the Day created quite the stir recently. One was about who your favorite DJs are, the other about how events compensate DJs, specifically the fact that some events don't. As you might imagine the later proved more controversial. You could read the whole thing if you've got hours to waste, but I'll sum it up for you based on the time I personally wasted skimming though it all.

Side 1: A couple trolls on one side say fuck the DJ, they aren't worth shit and the few who actually do command some compensation are pretentious assholes. Side 2: A few defensive DJs on the other side fight back by saying they're artists who spend gobs of time and money adding to their collections and honing their craft, and as such should be duly compensated. Personally I think both sides are being quite silly about the matter (though you can probably tell I side a bit more with my fellow DJs based on how I described the trolls' point of view) because really there's a happy little median between the two views.

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