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Archive Restoration: You Might Be A…

Posted by Reuben Brown

After digging up some older files and working some old school HTML magic I'm happy to report that I've been able to restore a number of the old "You Might Be A..." pages. If you're really old school you probably remember these from the original Delphi forum. These were compiled for the site before it was even called Jive Junction, and had never made it over to the Jive Junction site, with the exception of the "Memories Junkie" one. I also found a couple lists about why we suck(ed) and things to do on Catalina. Aside from formatting I've left the lists as they were, even the entires that looking back are really rather dumb. I hope this brings back some fun memories for some, and perhaps a peek into the early days of the Southern California Lindy Hop revival for those who weren't there. A direct link to the updated page is right here.